About Aroha


We have become New Zealand’s go-to recruitment business partner for all kinds of childcare and IT sourcing needs. Our aim is to sustain this trust our customers have put in us.

About Aroha

We are Aroha. Aroha in Maori means care and compassion. At Aroha, we bring that spirit of compassion into our business. We have been serving NZ companies/centres for more than 3 years now.

With over 20 years of combined professional experience, we are NZ’s homegrown recruitment business. While most recruiters perform one single job i.e. hiring candidates, there is a substantial difference in the way each of them approach this job.

Aroha is different, clichéd ey?

Believe us when we say that because our goal is to foster strong professional bonds with each of our customers. All great things begin with conversations and our aim is to invest in these conversations. For hiring correct candidates, it is extremely important to know if they are culturally fit for a role along with their skills. The only way to know the culture is to know our customers better.

Our diverse experience in IT, NZ childcare, and of course recruitment has been a differentiator for us. Areas of expertise – NZ Childcare and Information Technology.

Our Team

Kiya Chokshi, Director

Kiya Chokshi

Phone: +64 212690033

Email: kiya@arohaconsulting.co.nz



Arohanui, I am Kiya, the Director of Aroha Consulting. I started this wonderful company in 2018 with a single-focus goal of bridging the huge gap that early childcare industry.

My vastly diverse recruitment exposure has helped me forge some great relationships in childcare. I am glad that I can use this experience combined with my knowledge and time spent in the ECE industry to provide quality teachers to our early childhood centres.

Away from work, I love spending time with my two wonderful girls. I am a bit of a social bee and love spending time with people and participating in events.

First thing you will notice about me: My confidence

Monali Patel, Recruitment Consultant

Kia Ora, My name is Monali, I have been working at Aroha Consulting since 2020.

At Aroha, what I love most is being in this industry and building strong relationships with leading education providers. I feel recruitment is about investing in helping individuals find their ideal role.

As the saying goes, passion moves the world. I’m very passionate about dancing and teach dance for all age groups in my leisure time.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my toddler son (he is a handful, you know) and husband and go away for adventure activities.

First thing you will notice about me: My Smile